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Seventh effect Fabio Fognini has comfortably beforehand to the 2nd circular of the Sydney Tennis Classic with a 6-3, 7-5 triumph implicit Daniel Altmaier.

Italian cult leader Fognini was expected to play Nick Kyrgios earlier the Aussie was a precocious scratching owed to a affirmative COVID-19 test.

"I was preparing to bash a antithetic match," Fognini said, expressing his interest for Kyrgios.

"Everybody was waiting for a boxing lucifer (against Kygrios)!

"I don't cognize what happened to Nick but I privation him a speedy recovery."

Media and constabulary person gathered extracurricular the bureau of Novak Djokovic's lawyer arsenic the tennis star's begetter says they're awaiting a determination from the Immigration Minister astir whether to cancel the Serbian's visa.

The minister, Alex Hawke, holds the enforcement powerfulness to cancel Djokovic's visa for a 2nd time, contempt a justice ruling successful his favour hours earlier.

There person been mixed reports connected societal media that constabulary are seeking to apprehension the men's satellite No.1, but constabulary are yet to remark publicly.

Seventh effect Fabio Fognini has won the archetypal acceptable of his archetypal circular Sydney Tennis Classic match, 6-3 implicit Daniel Altmaier.

Italy's Fognini was expected to beryllium playing Nick Kyrgios earlier the Aussie tested affirmative for COVID-19 and Altmaier got the precocious callup.

Disappointment for Australia's Priscilla Hon, who is retired of the Sydney Tennis Classic pursuing a 7-6, 7-5 nonaccomplishment to Romania's Jaqueline Cristian successful their circular of 32 clash.

One of the large shames astir Nick Kyrgios' COVID-19 plight is that helium was reportedly looking to goods successful practice.

Commentator Mark Petchey said helium had been watching Kyrgios deed up of the Sydney Tennis Classic.

"It's been large to spot him, looked successful bully form, bully spirits," Petchey said connected Nine and Stan Sport.

"Wow, what a disappointment for Nick Kyrgios."

Co-commentator John Fitzgerald added: "Let's anticipation his aerobic capableness is OK (for the Australian Open)."

Aussie tennis prima Nick Kyrgios has tested affirmative for COVID-19.

Kyrgios withdrew from the Sydney Tennis Classic earlier contiguous and present we cognize why.

He inactive wants to play astatine the Australian Open - starting adjacent Monday - but that volition beryllium a contention against the clock.

"Hey Everyone, I conscionable privation to beryllium unfastened and transparent with everyone, the crushed I person had to propulsion retired of Sydney is due to the fact that I tested affirmative for Covid," Kyrgios wrote connected Instagram.

Local lad Jordan Thompson has made a blistering commencement to the Sydney Tennis Classic, blitzing higher-ranked American Marcos Giron 6-4, 6-2.

It's each happening successful the tennis world, with Australia's Nick Kyrgios withdrawing from tonight's Sydney Tennis Classic clash with Fabio Fognini owed to illness.

The quality is simply a existent shame arsenic his clash with the fiery Italian shaped arsenic a batch of fun.

There is nary proposition astatine this signifier that it is COVID-19 related.

Kyrgios besides pulled retired of the Melbourne Summer Set past week owed to asthma-related issues.

"I person been feeling truly tally down and unwell for 4 days," Kyrgios said past week.

"I person had respective COVID-19 tests implicit the past fewer days, which each came backmost negative.

"I don't consciousness 100 per cent truthful I request to instrumentality this week to beryllium acceptable for Sydney adjacent week."

German Daniel Altmaier has taken Kyrgios' spot successful the tourney and volition instrumentality connected Fognini tonight.

Judge Anthony Kelly has ordered the determination of delegate to cancel Djokovic's beryllium quashed, saying the cancellation "was unreasonable".

The Australian authorities has been ordered to wage each of Djokovic's costs.

Judge Kelly ordered Djokovic beryllium released from migration detention wrong 30 minutes of the order, which was work successful unfastened tribunal astir 5.15pm.

Djokovic's lawyer antecedently argued the tennis prima was enactment done an unfair and/or unreasonable process.

Two-time Grand Slam victor Garbine Muguruza hasn't missed Novak Djokovic with these beardown comments connected vaccination reported by tennis writer Luigi Gatto.

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